Convenience, practicality and style is all we want for the summer . Without stress, the season deserves to be tanned with a beautiful smile on the face and joy in the soul. Assembling fun, refreshing and beautiful looks is not a difficult task: you just have to pay attention to details. Accessories, fabrics, models and colors will sustain the entire production! If you still have questions about how to dress this season, we have separated 10 looks for you to be inspired (and steal) already: 

Flavia Cavasotti - fashion - dzarm - publi - look

Photo: Flavia Cavasotti (Reproduction / Instagram)

The body with cutouts is the perfect match for the pleated midi skirt. Use in conjunction, to make the production more clean and chic. 

look - summer - fashion - look - buy

Photo: Jessie Bush (Play / Instagram)

White oversized shirt with colored jeans and mule shorts is the perfect match for a hot and sunny summer day. Fresh and cool! 

look - summer - fashion - buy - trend

Photo: Jessie Bush

But it never hurts! But if you want to use it in a discreet way, just wear it with jeans shorts and black flats. 

look - trend - buy - fashion - see

Photo: Julie Sariñana

Top cropped with knot drops super well with a light wash jeans and high waist. The straw bag complements the Brigitte Bardot look and colorful flats. 

Flavia Cavasotti - look - dzarm - publi - buy

Photo: Flavia Cavasotti (Reproduction / Instagram)

Pants pantalona? Modd 70’s? We love it! Even more if the print is from poá and in the production you have a transparent colored glasses. Let’s see the world more colorful? 

nati vozza - look - moa - trend - summer

Photo: Nati Vozza (Reproduction / Instagram)

Surrender if you can: lingerie can be a part of your summer looks. Use with a high waist skirt and flats. 

summer - dzarm - dress - yellow - poa

Photo: Karina Facci (Reproduction / Instagram)

Yellow midi dress is the must of the season! 

look - skirt - jeans - fashion - buy

Photo: Sabrina Dibynis (Play / Instagram)

The striped shirt duo + jeans skirt gets super cute and cool with the platform All Star. 

flavia - dzarm - publi - look - comprae

Photo: Flavia Cavasotti (Reproduction / Instagram)

Delicate lace that resembles grandma’s house is the face of summer. The cotton dresses with country footprint are a great request for hot days. 

look - skirt - oncinha - trend - moda

Photo: Audrey Lombard (Reproduction / Instagram)

Animal print can be used with a white t-shirt and flats well, to give the necessary gullet in the print. 

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