If you thought it was the end of high waist pants, you made a mistake because the vintage model that came back with everything a few years ago, intends to reign for much longer!

The pants mom jeans , is that firmer model, high waist and the darling of celebs and fashion girls, and you probably already have a model of these at home, right? The piece that made a success in the 90’s came back as an unpretentious trend years ago and ended up falling into the taste of the ladybug who until then was more than accustomed to low or medium waist pants.

Admittedly, at least at some point in the not-so-distant past, the idea of ​​wearing high-waisted trousers seemed strange, but we can not deny that we “sold our souls” at the first moment we tested the model! It is a fact that mom jeans is today one of the favorite pieces in the street style, not to mention that because it is wild and democratic, it is perfect for any occasion.

It’s the kind of piece you’re going to buy and you’ll never regret it, and you can wear it all year round from winter to summer! Doubt? Come and see more:

Gabriela Song - shirt and pants - mom jeans - half-season - street style

Photo: Gabriela Song (Reproduction / Instagram)

You know that day when you do not want to think too much and just want to wear something that feels comfortable and with that effortless chic effect that we love? The mom jeans by itself already gives an up on the look and can be combined with any other piece!

Lucia Cuesta - cropped jeans - jeans mom - summer - street style

Photo: Lucia Cuesta (Reproduction / Instagram)

From office to party, in winter or summer, the piece is democratic and essential in the closet of fashionistas! 

sylvie mus - jeans and shirt - mom jeans - mid-season - street style

Photo: Sylvie Mus (Reproduction / Instagram)

The office look can (and should!) Have jeans yes, after all, it’s not just tailoring that you live a fashion girl! How about combining uneven trousers with a colorful blazer? The effect is chic and cool in the act!

Ali Santos - jeans and shirt - mom jeans - mid-season - street style

Photo: Ali Santos (Reproduction / Instagram)

Vintage footwear pants are perfect for the most casual looks and can be worn with any type of footwear, from boots, sneakers or sandals. Besides not being super tight to the body, they are also comfortable and wild!

Martha Pinel - jeans, jacket - mom jeans - winter - street style

Photo: Martha Pinel (Reproduction / Instagram)

How about betting on jeans with more street and stylish pieces? It is worth using everywhere and if you hit that heat in the middle of the day, it will be no problem because the piece is versatile and goes well in any season!

Maria Chervotkina - jeans and blouse - mom jeans - half-season - street style

Photo: Maria Chervotkina (Reproduction / Instagram)

Look winter has to have jeans, in addition to leaving the out

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