They may seem exaggerated, unsuitable for day-to-day life, and refer to the moody little girl. But forget all that! The chain belts have returned with everything to the fashion universe and are gaining new faces in fashionistas’ looks across the globe. 

From the cool result to the office or girlie, the accessory fits perfectly into every visual and comes in many models – from the most elaborate to the simplest – so you can choose how much you want to dare and innovate with the piece. Still not convinced? Come see cool ways to use and let the trend conquer you:

belt - chain - trend - looks - copy

They can be single, double, triple or carry the brand, but always guarantee a stylish touch to the look. Do not be afraid to coordinate the accessory with the chain handle pouches.

chain - belt - looks - fashion - trend

The chains hanging on the side of the pants in the best punk 80’s or pop 00’s came from hitchhiking on the belts and are also doing well on the street.

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