When the heat  begins to show, the best allies of a fashion girl are the fresh pieces that allow us to circulate freely, light and loose . After all, no one deserves to be in tight, warm and uncomfortable clothes in the summer, right? Well, it was thinking about that we decided to select the best pieces in fluid fabrics to bet on the next season without fear of being happy – and feel the taste of the freedom that summer brings us! Want to see all of them and already steal yours to ensure the light look to use when temperatures go up even higher? Come here:

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Moreau and Alex Michael May (Play / Instagram) More Jessica Alizzi, Marie von Behrens, AnneLaure

The dresses bring the comfort of fluid fabrics, allied to the practicality of being one piece. Just choose the mood that you want to follow, combine a comfortable shoe, accessories that are the face of summer and you are ready. 

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Photo: Alex Michael May, Natalie, Frédérique Harrel and AnneLaure More Moreau (Reproduction / Instagram)

Although they do not have the ease of a single piece – like the dress – the skirts allow you to have the freedom of fluid fabrics, associating with the type of blouse you want! If the day is cooler, it’s worth a longer hose, otherwise, a race or a cropped one looks great. Give the mood you like!

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Photo: Pepa Mack, Lizzy Hadfield and Jessica Alizzi (Play / Instagram)

Fluid fabric blouses are a great addition to your summer look. It is worth coordinating with skirt, shorts – and even in the office look with slacker pants or the good old jeans.

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