Synonymous with elegance and sophistication, the croco tote is one of the most desired options of this season and we are already wide-eyed for this trend that is conquering it girls.

Despite having a texture beyond styling the accessory is versatile and can be combined with any look, be it for work or even in the outfits for more relaxed events and still ensures to your production the effortless chic effect, but without losing that air fashionista we love.

If one day you thought that croco purse would be just a bet among the more mature women or the executive branch, maybe it’s time to rethink and invest with everything in the accessory that will give a look in your winter look and leave you chic for any occasion! 

reproduction pinterest - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: Reproduction / Pinterest

Although it has a very striking texture, the croco bag can be basic and also very stylish in the right measure, that is, a great request to match the looks of winter!

Caroline Daur - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: Caroline Daur (Reproduction / Instagram)

And if you are looking for a bag that gives a total up in the look worth betting on nothing obvious colors that will make you even more stylish! 

María Valdés - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: María Valdés (Reproduction / Instagram)

And how about betting on the combination of different pieces and styles? The coturno will guarantee a more fun outfit while the sophistication will be on account of the croco bag! 

Peggy - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: Peggy (Play / Instagram)

The poncho is perfect to prove to you that the purse is a great accessory for the winter looks and that matches with any piece of your wardrobe!

Ashley Olsen - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: Ashley Olsen (Play / Pinterest)

If you do not give up basic pieces, but like to give a more chic touch in your productions the croco bag by itself guarantees this more sophisticated effect to the outfit!

Carolina Nashtai - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: Carolina Nashtai (Reproduction / Instagram)

And worth investing in bags of all sizes and models for the work look. After all, who does not like to always have a new bag, right?

Julia Rodrigues - bag - croco - winter - street style

Photo: Julia Rodrigues (Reproduction / Instagram)

But if you are looking for something more modern and super cool the tip is to bet on the texture also in the chunks! The accessory is hit among the girls and can be used in festivals or even day-to-day looks!

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